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From Riley and Victoria –

We’re honored that you’ve been a guest on Romance Between the Pages. We consider this a service to the romance author community and are happy to provide you with this valuable marketing tool.

In a recent article on marketing we read that the number one thing an author can do, promotion-wise, is guest on a popular podcast. Of course that’s only true if your current and future readers know about it. Your podcast episode was not designed to promote a particular book or moment in time. It was designed to promote you and your brand. That makes it an “evergreen” tool for you to use to grow your book sales and fan base.

Of course you’ll never be able to personally interact with each and every reader, but listening to your podcast is the next best thing. Your readers will feel like they spent an hour with you over coffee. They’ll feel more personally connected and invested in you. That means sharing your books with friends and making sure they don’t miss the next release

We hope you’ll take full advantage of this opportunity by permanently displaying the link to your episode on your website and social media platforms. Your episode is ALWAYS available on RBTP by way of (1.) your designated link, (2.) on the home page left sidebar column, and (3.) on the photo ribbon at the bottom of the home page.

For your convenience, we’re including a graphic for your link if you’d like to use it. We can even customize it with your photo. Just reply that you want a photo VIP Pass.

Our Best Wishes,

RBTP hosts