Tuesday Teaser


What is your favorite scene from Maid for the Billionaire?

This is mine.
(You don’t have to quote it, just share it. Dominic always puts a smile on my face.)

Her attraction to him hadn’t been in his imagination. She’d enjoyed that kiss as much as he had. First hot, then cold. Was it all a game? If so, it was one that he had no intention of losing.

He knew one way to find out her real motivation.

“Would you stay for ten thousand dollars?” he asked.

He felt a stab of disappointment when she stopped before opening the door and turned back to face him. “Do you think I’m for sale?”
He hoped not.

“How about a hundred thousand?” He forced the words out.

“Is it because I’m a maid that you think you can talk to me this way?” Her hands were back on her hips, eyes flashing with fury, which only made her more beautiful.

The final test. “You’re a shrewd bargainer. A million. I’ve never met a woman who was worth that amount of money, but I suspect I won’t regret tonight.”

She opened the door with one hand and said, “You’re a pig, an egotistical pig. If you even have a million dollars, I suggest you roll it up and stick it up your—” the last word was lost beneath the sound of the door slamming behind her.

He had a pretty good idea where she’d suggested he put it.
His chuckle blossomed into a full, hearty laugh until he was wiping wetness from around his eyes. The release of tension felt good.

Damn, that is one incredible woman. Looking back over the evening, he gave into more laughter as he settled back onto one of the cushions by the coffee table and filled his plate with fried rice.

She’d be back.

He’d make sure of that.


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