Read this exciting new project with my sister, Jeannette Winters, and my niece, Danielle Stewart.



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We’re writing SYNCHRONIZED SERIES. What is that? My new series, The Barrington Billionaires, is linked with theirs through characters and events. I wanted to do something special with my family so I invited them into Dominic Corisi’s. The Barrington’s are Patrice’s sister’s children. Although my series can easily stand on its own, my characters visit books in the series my sister and niece are writing and their characters visit my books. The books in each series are set in the same time period by the order they come out in. For example: Always Mine (from my series), One White Lie (from Jeannette Winters) and Fierce Love are the first books in each of the series and overlap in scenes and timelines. It’s a fun way to see the same events/parties through a different character’s eyes.

My readers tell me that they enjoy my romances because I take them on an emotional journey of laughter and tears, but I always leave them smiling at the end. These are big hair, escapism romances I call bathtub reads.

Imagine immersing yourself in twenty new books set in a world you’ve already come to love. You won’t want to miss out on these three series that are entwined as only my family could write them.

Ruth Cardello