Author: Taige Crenshaw

Something unexpected leads to the perfect partner for a lifetime…
Louisa “Lou” Langston isn’t expecting to find a man who makes her pulse race when she makes another trip to her doctor’s office. He not only makes her pulse race, but makes her wonder what could be. Yet she doesn’t dare expect anything since she knows life doesn’t give you a happy ever after. At least not one that is true. Instead, it kicks you in the teeth and makes you just keep going to the next day and living. But…maybe she can have just a moment for now. She’ll take what the new doctor in town has to offer and not let her heart or emotions get involved. Too bad, her heart doesn’t seem to know the plan.

Sinclair Bentley doesn’t know what to do about the sexy woman waiting for him in the exam room. Especially, when he finds out she is known for being accident prone with a knack for getting injured in some of the strangest ways. There’s something about Lou that makes him want to get to know her better. Getting involved after just recently moving to Fort Mavis wasn’t anywhere in the plan. He wants to just enjoy living. However, he finds himself drawn to Lou and he isn’t a man who walks away from anything that intrigues him. And Lou is that as well as an enigma. She claims she doesn’t want to get involved beyond the physical level, yet the things she does contradicts her words. Lou might say one thing but it’s up to him to show this stubborn woman that she wants more than just for now and he’s the one to give her that happy ever after she refuses to believe in.

When a stubborn woman meets a determined man, realization dawns that life doesn’t give you a happy ever after—you have to go for it—to find your perfect partner.