In the Heir: Westerly Billionaire Series – Excerpt

Brett and Alisha:

His office door flew open as Alisha burst back through. With an audacity that took him completely off guard, she poked a finger into his chest and said, “You should be ashamed of yourself. You couldn’t say one nice thing to your brother? If there is a fool in this room, it’s you. Spencer is one hundred times the man you are, but you’re too full of yourself to see it. Are you really trying to prove your grandmother is incompetent? What kind of monster are you?”

Unwelcome desire flooded through him. He caught her hand in his.

“You know nothing about me.”

There was a flash of something that looked a hell of a lot like passion in her eyes before she looked away. She tugged her hand free. “Don’t ever touch me.”

“Then keep your pretty little hands to yourself,” he said gruffly.

“Alisha,” Spencer said from the doorway. He rushed to her side. “I thought you were going to the bathroom.”

She glared up at Brett again. “I was, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m done now.”

Her passionate defense of his brother was hotter than hell. Brett’s life was full of women who played by his rules. In general, they were tediously predictable. Alisha certainly wasn’t that.

Brett wondered what else she did in the heat of the moment. He stepped away from her and fought his automatic response to her.

Noticing the sad expression on Spencer’s face was enough to kill his boner. What the hell am I thinking?

He watched his brother lead Alisha out of his office for the second time and fought the urge to call her back. Shit.

Her words rang in his head: “What kind of monster are you?”

Apparently, the kind who wants to fuck my brother’s fiancée.


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