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Taking Charge Excerpts

Excerpt 1 She met his eyes, and for a moment her resolve wavered. He had the kindest eyes she’d ever looked into. What would we be to each other if we’d known each other before all this? If I wasn’t already a tangled mess on the inside? Why ask myself what might have been, when […]

WIN A SIGNED BOOK: ongoing giveaway

Love signed books? Hate to miss releases? Enter a monthly raffle to win a signed book. All you have to do is: 1. Be signed up to receive my newsletter. Not signed up yet? Click here to sign up 2. Send an email to rcardellocontests@gmail.com 3. Make the header of your email: I WANT TO […]

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Radio interview…hilarious!

For those who missed my radio spot here it is. . .it gets pretty funny half-way through when it all goes south. . .lol! Wait until I mention Kathleen Brooks. The show has technical difficulties that lead to all out mayhem and laughter. My street team dropped by with kind words and to taunt me. […]