Trade It All: Book 4 of the Barrington Billionaires — Now Available

Trade It All available on pre-order

Lance Barrington’s priority is business, not pleasure. Only one woman has ever been able to turn him inside out: Willa Chambers, his sister’s best friend. Forbidden. Scandalous. Unforgettable.

They’ve spent the last ten years trying to forget one night.

When Willa and Lance are thrown together again, things heat up fast. Loving him almost destroyed her the first time.

This time, will it heal her?

She gently removed her hand from his. “We’ll probably always be part of each other’s lives, but that’s all there can ever be for us.”
Lance cupped one side of her face with his hand. “Then what do we do with this?” His mouth came down and claimed hers.
Despite everything she’d said, every shred of sanity she’d clung to, she opened her lips for him. She met his plundering kiss with a frenzy that came from years of pent-up hunger. Hunger for him. She gripped his strong shoulders and gave herself over to a passion that burned hotter than any she’d experienced with other men.
He pulled her tight against him. His arousal pulsed against her stomach, and she writhed against it, shaken when she realized he was as much a slave to their attraction as she was. Her arms went up and around his neck. His hands cupped her ass, moving her even more intimately against his excitement.
There was nothing beyond how good his mouth felt on hers, how her skin tingled everywhere it touched his. She needed more. He must have been feeling the same way because he yanked her skirt upward and slid his hands beneath the silk panties she’d impulsively worn beneath it. She frantically began to pull the front of his shirt out of his pants.
The sound of a knock on the door of his office brought Willa back to her senses. She pulled away from him and yanked her skirt down over her ass just in time to turn and face a very embarrassed secretary who stuttered her way through an apology before closing the door.
In a deep, gravelly voice, Lance asked, “What do we do about that, Willa?”
I can’t do this again. I can’t open myself to that kind of pain a second time. Willa backed toward the door, grabbing her purse on the way. “Nothing. If you care about me at all—do nothing.”

Book 4 of the Lone Star Burn Series is now available

Book 4 of the Lone Star Burn Series is now available on pre-order.

Lucy Albright never wanted her family’s Texas ranch, but now it’s in foreclosure. She’s already lost so much she can’t bear the thought of losing one more thing. Lucy learned the hard way not to accept help from a man when there are strings attached, so she’ll do whatever it takes to save the ranch on her own terms—even if that means launching an online business marketing high-tech sex toys.

Ranch manager David Harmon has a reputation for being a cowboy with a heart of gold. Even if she refuses his help, down-and-out Lucy is the kind of woman he’ll do anything to protect. And while David may not know much about Lucy’s naughty side business, that won’t stop a cowboy from doing something he’s set his mind to.

With the ranch threatened by a scheming neighbor, Lucy can’t help but keep David around. Their attraction may be undeniable, but will the spark between them burn her entire future to the ground?

Amazon exclusive

David blocked her retreat. “Mason will be in Fort Mavis this weekend. He and Chelle will be there. Sarah asked if you were going. I said I had no idea. Mason must really want us both there, because he said he’d have a private plane waiting for us at the airfield tomorrow morning.”
“Oh, that’s really generous of him, but I can’t . . .”
“Don’t let me be the reason you don’t go. I don’t mind driving back.”
Lucy met his eyes and was instantly sorry she did. He was being sincere, and she felt lower than low. He would actually drive all the way to Fort Mavis and let her take the plane. He was that fucking nice.
I should tell him the truth about how I’m saving the ranch. Let him see that although he’s vying for sainthood, I’m quickly slipping in the opposite direction.
“Take the plane, David. If I decide to go, I’ll make the drive. I’ve done it before.”
He kept her corralled against the round pen and leaned down so his lips hovered just above hers. “Are you afraid to fly?”
She swallowed hard. “No.”
He ran a hand lightly down her arm, sending shivers of pleasure through her. “Then what is it? Are you afraid if we’re alone you won’t be able to keep your hands off me?”
Yes. “That’s ridiculous.”
“Then say yes. There’s no reason you and I can’t share a private plane ride to see our closest friends, is there?”
His voice. His touch. The promise of his lips on hers. Lucy was helplessly mesmerized. “I guess you’re right.”
“I am,” he said with a slow, sexy smile.
Striving to hold on to some semblance of sanity, she said, “We have to be back by Sunday night. I have a conference call scheduled.”
His breath tickled her cheek. “How is your business going?”
“It’s coming—” She blushed at the double meaning that was accurate. “It’s coming along. I’ve already generated some revenue. Not enough to break even, of course, but I’ll get there.”
“That’s great. New businesses are tough. I bet you’re working all hours of the night right now.”
Lucy tried to look away but couldn’t. Memories of how she’d spent the last week would have been much more exciting if David had been there with her, watching her, taking the toy from her and bringing her to climax himself. Her body clenched and she grew wet.
It didn’t matter that it was the middle of the day, that they were not alone, or that she’d just told herself she wouldn’t sleep with him. If he’d pulled her against him, claimed her mouth beneath his, she would have given herself over to him completely.
“Lucy?” David asked gently.
“I want you. I don’t give a damn that everyone is watching us right now, but I do care what they think of you. Be ready by nine tomorrow morning. You’re getting on that plane even if I have to carry you onto it.”
Imagining that did nothing to calm the hot desire pulsing through Lucy. She told herself she should say no. If she couldn’t control herself now, in public, what would happen when they were finally alone? She licked her bottom lip. “You wouldn’t do that.”

“Then you don’t know me well enough yet.”